Mine is a writer’s life: Book specials, launch dates, and vocabulary!

My debut psychological thriller novel, Eagle Bay, will be heavily discounted on Amazon (e-book version) November 12-18 in conjunction with marketing intended to get the book into the hands of new readers.

My second thriller, The Emerald Cross, will not launch in January, 2024, as previously planned, because I’ve decided to put another strong push into securing an agent for this and future works. The book is completed and edited, and you can see the cover on my Amazon author page or KenCruickshank.com. Wish me luck in my pursuit of securing an agent! If that doesn’t happen, I will launch The Emerald Cross using my own imprint in early to mid-2024.

I keep a growing list of words to use in my books. Some of my favorites are obstreperous (thank you, Will), shenanigans (old-school, but I love it!), and capricious (seemingly created to describe our politicians). Early in my career, I was in a conference room with my manager and an important customer. Manager Mike leaned over and said, “This guy is so @$#!ing pedantic.” Tread carefully, I told myself. You have no damn idea what that word means, and you might be stupid for that. But it could also be a testosterone play; perhaps he’s simply trying to express real or imagined intellectual superiority versus the simpleton who works for him. After dissecting my options, I answered, “I agree, Mike, quite pedantic.” He gave me a strange look that still confounds me. Did I score points or reveal how little I studied in high school and college? It no longer matters. There are many good reasons to expand one’s vocabulary, even if one doesn’t write books.

I am reading Paul Newman’s memoir, The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man. Interesting and bluntly honest. Reminds me that we really don’t know anything about the personalities, behaviors, and lives of public figures.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C17XWN4Y https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CHDPQ4LC

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