A dark and startling psychological thriller.

Available spring 2023

Skye McCloud’s husband disappears on a fishing trip with his best friend, Thomas Westbrooke. Skye eventually falls in love with Thomas, the respected philanthropist and the face of Oregon’s iconic Westbrooke family dynasty. They marry, Thomas adopts Skye’s two children, and the family lives contented for years. But layers of deceit slowly peel away, exposing a psychotic man scarred by his tragic upbringing. Skye believes Thomas has grown capable of wickedness, and she acts to protect her and the children. Simultaneously, authorities uncover decades of frightening crimes involving her publicly-revered husband. Thomas orchestrates one final act he hopes will define his legacy. After he sets the wheels in motion, Skye worries it might be too late for her and the children to reach safe haven. She decides there is only one way to stop the bizarrely threatening man she no longer recognizes. Evil men should fear women pushed to the brink, committed to doing whatever it takes to defend their children. The brilliant Thomas Westbrooke is about to learn Skye McCloud is more than a worthy adversary.

Stand Up: a memoir of disease, family, faith & hope

Friends and family expected Ken Cruickshank to continue playing sports, traveling, engaging in mischief,
and raising an active brood after marrying his soulmate, Karen. Indeed, all was proceeding to plan until
an invisible enemy strengthened its grip on his body and mind. Goals, abilities, and many dreams grew
forever affected by progressive disease. After an accident crumpled his weakened body, the author dug
deep to rediscover the optimism and hope he’d once considered his essence. Ken realized that the
illness he blamed for stealing his identity was also the path to wisdom and a life of fulfillment. Stand
Up: a memoir of disease, family, faith & hope 
is not a story of the science and medicine of chronic illness; instead, it is a poignant and engaging revelation of how families and loved ones can overcome nearly any trial set before them. But most of all, Stand Up is an entertaining memoir of perspective, perseverance, and hope.

Stand Up Reviews

…reflective passages…ring with an unpolished authenticity that marks the best memoirs.(Cruickshank) writes about losing control of his body with a brutal sincerity. His sense of personal triumph is contagious. An affecting account of chronic illness.
Kirkus Reviews

A candidly compelling and ultimately inspiring memoir, “Stand Up” is a simply riveting read from start to finish and a very highly recommended addition to community library Contemporary American Biography collections.
Midwest Book Review

Ken Cruickshank wrote this memoir using speech-to-text software, yet he writes with the ease and grace of a master wordsmith. His stories are captivating, emotional, gut-honest, and above all inspiring, not just because of what he writes about, but the example he sets. 
David Aretha, award-winning biographer and editor