Mine is a writer’s life: It is wedding time!

It is difficult for young people to understand how fleeting life is. That isn’t meant to be a downer at all – life can be grand, adventurous, and full of love and blessings. But it moves quickly, something that isn’t fully realized until one has reached middle age. Yet even I, a 60-ish-year-old, am looking back and wondering how the heck Bre could be getting married – isn’t she, like, five years old? No, sir, and she’s not 10 or 20 but 30! So time flies, and our youngest daughter is getting married to a wonderful Chet in a little over a week, meaning Karen and I will be road-tripping over Southwestern deserts and Texas Hill Country to Austin. Our beautiful child is now a passionate, capable, loving – and still beautiful – woman. I hope she and Chet never stop dreaming! After their nuptials, we will officially have three daughters and three sons! And a granddaughter – hello, Charlotte! All of them extraordinary in unique ways. Yes, Ken Cruickshank, you’re a lucky man.

My debut novel, Eagle Bay, is available! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C17XWN4Y

My memoir, Stand Up: a memoir of disease, family, faith & hope, is getting a slightly updated front and back cover and an added Afterward. That updated version will be available in a few weeks. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B078XNB6CF

Cheers from the Sonoran Desert,
tell your families you love them,
and stay well!

Ken Cruickshank

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