Mine is a writer’s life: Reviews for Eagle Bay

Writing is a lonely pursuit at times! Even though many don’t admit it, we writers do appreciate validation along our journey. Here are a few editorial reviews for my debut novel, Eagle Bay:

Eagle Bay by Ken Cruickshank is a psychological murder thriller with infinite twists and turns. [The story] is an intriguing and deep dive into seriously troubled and warped minds. Thomas’ mercurial personality and rapid mood changes added tension and excitement to the narrative. Skye was a wonderful character who dealt with tragedy with poise and grace, never losing sight of her vision of the future and her family. The novel’s overarching theme can best be summed up with the idea that “Wealth and power corrupt, but absolute wealth and power corrupt absolutely.” This was a satisfying and enjoyable read and one I can highly recommend.
Reader’s Favorite 5-Star

One day, John, a happy father and husband, shows Thomas an old newspaper clipping that features an image of their grandfathers together. Unbeknownst to John, the unearthing of that connection will destroy everything that he holds dear. The story is good and fast-moving, with welcome moral weight offsetting some dark material. The swings of sanity and madness in Thomas are scary, and Cruickshank’s portrait of the insulating—and possibly deadening—effects of wealth and power often chill, and not just when Thomas performs dark acts. “Love, integrity, and goodness are relative qualities for people like me,” he declares to a priest, seeming truly to believe it.
Booklife Reviews

Eagle Bay can compare to a spider’s web. Its attractiveness lures its reader into a tightly woven trap, and they find they cannot walk away from the danger in their pathway. Ken Cruickshank has proven that he is a master of suspense and intrigue. How he combines all the elements this book showcases is brilliant. The plot of this story cries out to become the next Lifetime Movie.
Midwest Book Reviews

Ken Cruickshank’s EAGLE BAY is a roller-coaster of a read–a strong story that plunges deep into the psyche of villains and heroes in the making. With unexpected twists and turns in each chapter, it will leave readers guessing right up until the end. Overall the story is enticing, growing even more so as it turns from a series of events to an examination of Thomas’s downfall. There’s something very classical about Thomas’s story: his corruption at the hands of his father, eventually leading him down a path where he orchestrates and perpetuates his own downfall. This is the most intriguing aspect of the story, overshadowing even the mystery of the Westbrooke family’s “assets.”
Indie Reader

Ken Cruickshank makes himself known with this chilling thriller. He weaves a story like no other as the story develops, providing the reader with something well worth their while. A family secret that does not align with anything citizens of Eagle Bay can comprehend is at the heart of the story. Still, there is something there and as the narrative progresses, Cruickshank leads the reader into a dark and intensely complex place to reveal it all, but could it be too late? Cruickshank offers up this eerie story that will have readers turning pages well into the night.

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