Mine is a writer’s life: Launching a book takes time and patience!

My dark psychological thriller Eagle Bay is out! Of course, if you are following, you already know that. I am working hard to fine-tune the marketing of the novel, as I have found some interesting/challenging insights. First and foremost, 82% of the people clicking on ads on Facebook or Amazon for Eagle Bay are men! That kind of kills me because three generations of women in the book’s second half are independent, intriguing, powerful, and critical to the story’s present and future. I have been staring at ads and the book cover, trying to figure out exactly what is prompting so many more men than women to click on the link. There are no easy answers, I suspect. Any woman reading this, feel free to opine. Secondly, I thought the strong editorial reviews from respected independent organizations would trigger more activity at launch. But I am determined to figure this all out! And as I work on that conundrum, I am committed to bringing three more books out by June 2024! The Emerald Cross launches November 1, 2023! As one of my brothers used to say during my youth, Go Flipper Buzz Bomb, Go! Why the heck did he call me Flipper Buzz Bomb? No idea.

The link to a fast-paced, unguessable, and debut dark psychological thriller novel:

Cheers from the Sonoran Desert,
Ken Cruickshank

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