Mine is a writer’s life: Eagle Bay and the conquistadors!

The Spanish conquistadors, like the Vikings, have always fascinated me. Not all the conquistadors were noble men; many were hardened mercenaries in search of conflict and a small share of bounties, when they were offered as a reward for helping to enrich and expand the Spanish Empire. And others, of course, were gallant men doing work they considered paramount for God and kingdom. The first book I ever published, my memoir, introduced thoughts of conquistadors stirring in my mind as I started my journey of writing books. My debut novel, Eagle Bay, was released on June 1, 2023, and the modern-day thriller weaves in a fascinating 500-year-old backstory relating to a massive galleon, the Santa Sofia, and a respected explorer leading adventurous, fearless, and fractured conquistador warriors. And guess what? My second modern-day thriller, The Emerald Cross, set for release November 1, also has a 500-year-old backstory relating to the gallant conquistador just mentioned. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that all three books are thus connected and yet fully distinct and very modern in every other way.

My just-released debut work of fiction, Eagle Bay, has received strong editorial and reader reviews. If you enjoy psychological, domestic, or crime thrillers, you might love this novel:


Cheers from the Sonoran Desert,
Ken Cruickshank

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