Mine is a writer’s life: Updates on book launches.

My head is barely above water! But my debut novel, Eagle Bay, was launched on June 1! Hooray for small miracles! I am waiting for two more editorial reviews to be completed and delivered, and my fingers are crossed. To date, I’m beyond pleased with the editorial reviews overall. Though I don’t necessarily require that validation, publishing a book is a lonely and challenging pursuit, so any positive reinforcement helps me walk my path as an author. The two latest editorial review links are listed below (others are listed on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble ordering sites).

My next thriller, The Emerald Cross, is written and on deck for its November 1 launch. Tell me what you think about its cover posted below. I’m beyond excited about what my cover designer, Christine at The Book Cover Whisperer, created! A great complement to the wild story that will be held between the front and back covers!

Thank you to every person who turns a page of any book I’ve written or will write!

Cheers from the Sonoran Desert (our home),

Ken Cruickshank

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