Mine is a writer’s life: Print versions of Eagle Bay launch tomorrow, June 1!

It is one hell of a project taking a book from concept to readers, especially for a person who cannot type! I am thrilled to have Eagle Bay out in the market and in the hands of bibliophiles who have downloaded the Kindle version over the past week. Beginning tomorrow, June 1, paperback and hardcover versions can be ordered through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Google Books, Books-A-Million, and elsewhere. Thank you to every reader who takes precious idle time out of their busy lives to be entertained by anything I’ve written. Please consider Amazon and/or Goodreads reviews – they do make a difference and are much appreciated.

Amazon link for Eagle Bay print versions beginning June 1:


Barnes & Noble link for Eagle Bay print versions:


I have added a sneak peek of the cover for my next thriller, The Emerald Cross.

Cheers from the Sonoran Desert,

Ken Cruickshank

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