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December 28, 2022 

Nothing trumps family, especially during the holidays. We have been enjoying splendid Southern California weather for four days – sunny days and cool evenings. While nothing trumps family, there is a pecking order within families, and grandchildren inhabit the top of the pyramid. And just believe me when I tell you our granddaughter – our first grandchild – is beyond mesmerizing. Only seven months old, and she’s already captured my heart and soul. You are stellar, Charlotte!

My wife and I took a stroll down the street my brother lives on, and a generous couple offered us a tour of their renovated 100-year-old Spanish home – wow! Perched on top of the hill with a dramatic view of Orange County out to the Pacific. Six thousand five hundred square feet of immaculate restoration and renovation inside this remarkable jewel. I would rate it one of the top three homes I’ve ever entered. Every beam, window, door, and tile has been exhaustingly restored to its original condition or replaced with an exact, hand-made replica. And when the home needed updating, perhaps a wall moved or a ceiling arched higher, master artisans completed the work. Sorry, I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting photos.

Just as the people restoring the incredible Spanish villa commit to their unique talents and passions, I commit to writing the best stories possible using my unbounded imagination and speech-to-text software. I hope readers will find any book I release too engrossing to set down.

Eagle Bay and The Emerald Cross, my debut thrillers, will be available in February and April, respectively.

I typically sign off with “Cheers from the Sonoran Desert.” That is our destination after hours of driving tomorrow, so instead, I will sign off with “Cheers from the OC.”


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Family passions: Our son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. Holiday Season love and adoration!

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