Mine is a writer’s life: Technology delays and editing realities.

January 7, 2023

I cannot type due to poor dexterity related to my MS, so when I purchased a new computer, and after my wife helped me rearrange my office to install it, I spent two days working on software problems related to the transition. And I know I am not unique to such frustrations! The good news is I’m back in action, ready to communicate and prep for the launch of my upcoming thrillers, Eagle Bay and The Emerald Cross.

Many authors hate the process of editing, but I love it. The downside to loving it is that it is never-ending. But you have to put a stake in the ground eventually, and I thought I had done that for Eagle Bay. And then I added this short paragraph:

Thomas wondered if the dichotomies of his life had grown glaring. Uncomfortably, he realized many of his unspoken thoughts were bizarre or disturbing. If people could measure the depths of his psychosis, they’d be frightened. Hell, even he was worried. But nothing and no one could supplant the single thing dominating his psyche—the assets. His pursuit of them had turned manic. They were remarkable, and he was their rightful heir. He’d earned them.

I should have known better. Everything in a book needs to tie together and flow appropriately. Adding those few sentences required more editing than I might ever admit to. Ultimately, it improved my manuscript, so I have forgiven myself.

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