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November 16, 2022

Here is the cover of my soon-to-be debut psychological thriller, Eagle Bay. The antagonist Thomas Westbrooke is dark, disturbed, and complex. The protagonist, his ex-wife Skye McCloud, is a good woman who discovers she is a pawn in her second husband’s charade of a life. Thomas, Skye, her two children, and other characters in the dark drama are multidimensional and fascinating. Eagle Bay is filled with plausible yet stunning revelations and includes a 500-year-old back story that adds intrigue to the fast-paced narrative. It’s a twist on the proverbial good versus evil struggle.

The book cover for my second thriller, The Emerald Cross, will soon be completed. I have no doubts The Book Cover Whisperer will do an amazing job creating a compelling and artistic complement to the story contained within its pages, as designer and company owner Christine did for Eagle Bay. I’ll post the image very soon!

Because I cannot type and use speak-to-text software to write my stories and communicate with followers and the bibliophile public, it is more difficult for me to coordinate social media and website updates. In the end, I hope my stories will persuade you to walk my authoring journey with me.

Cheers from the Sonoran Desert,

Author Ken Cruickshank

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