Mine is a writer’s life.

November 8, 2022

If I knew my writing journey would be this challenging, I still would have pursued it.

When you start creating manuscripts from scratch with no English lit, creative writing, or journalism degree, you soon realize it will require great effort to succeed in the incredibly demanding realm of book writing and publishing. As I healed from an accident, it grew obvious writing books was something I needed to pursue. It’s a passion requiring thick skin, a strong work ethic, and inexhaustible perseverance. One of my favorite authors contends prospective writers must be stubborn, possess keen imaginations, and have technical writing skills. Master all that, and there are still no guarantees you will succeed. But pursue the dream and it may change your life ā€“ it did mine. I’m addicted to writing stories, surprising readers, stretching the bounds of my imagination and doing things I never thought possible. The reward for all my efforts will be the release of Eagle Bay, a dark psychological thriller set on the Oregon Coast, pitting a disturbed but publicly-lauded antagonist against a wife forced to overcome his madness while protecting her children. The story’s ending will shock readers. If you enjoy thrillers, I hope you’ll give it a read ā€“ you won’t be disappointed. Available January 2023.

Cheers, Ken Cruickshank.

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