Mine is a writer’s life: Horse, Eagle Bay, and The Emerald Cross!

Horse was an outstanding read, supremely woven to link the past to modern times in a captivating fashion! Thank you, Evie! Geraldine Brooks is a Pulitzer Prize winner, so I had high expectations before turning the first page, and she did not disappoint. If you love everything horses, historical fiction, and generation-spanning stories, or are intrigued by issues of race, perseverance, and the Civil War – and much, much more – give Horse a read! If you embrace the-ism “there are no coincidences,” then there’s another reason to download the book. An engaging story, and if you are a lover of words, you’ll discover that if ever given the opportunity to play Scrabble with Geraldine Brooks, it might be best to pass.

I hope you like the cover of my forthcoming domestic/cartel/military thriller, The Emerald Cross! Designed by Christine at The Book Cover Whisperer!

Here’s a link to my debut novel, the dark psychological thriller Eagle Bay: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C17XWN4Y The Kindle version of Eagle Bay will be heavily discounted the week of November 12!

Cheers from the Sonoran Desert!

Ken Cruickshank

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