Mine is a writer’s life: Anniversary and book launch!

Crazy busy pre-launch week! Let’s start with the most important news: My wife and I celebrated our 39th anniversary! Seems like yesterday that we sat inside an Italian restaurant in Scottsdale on our first date, where I contemplated how to get this woman to marry me. Somehow, I pulled it off.

We attended a City of Phoenix Arts and Culture event this past week, where one of my wife’s incredible oil paintings was highlighted. The views from the huge balcony on the 25th floor were stunning. When we looked east from the balcony, we realized the Hyatt hotel in the distance was where we were married nearly 40 years ago. We left Arizona during most of the ensuing years, spending 30 of them in Portland. Our life journey has gone full circle; we are back in the state where we went to college, met, and got married. One of our three children was even born here – hello, Pie!

Eagle Bay has garnered strong editorial reviews. The Kindle version of the psychological thriller will be available May 23. I urge anyone following along who’s interested in the e-book version to wait until a promotion I have starting on Friday, May 26, when the price will be $0.99 (regular price is $7.99) for the day and increase one dollar per day thereafter. The paperback and hardcover versions of Eagle Bay will be available June 1; you can preorder them at Barnes & Noble today.

Cheers from the Sonoran Desert!

Ken Cruickshank

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