Mine is a writer’s life: The English professor.

I grew up in an era of no smartphones and social media, and that’s probably great fortune. My buddies and I did things in college you would get arrested for today, perhaps even shot for. Some of that reflection is exaggerated, but much of it is not. Classes were not attended as often as they should have been, but college shenanigans have a way of negatively affecting studies. All of that said, I’m glad events played out the way they did; it adds up to recollections that bring a wide grin to my face decades later.

I attended the Harvard of the West, Arizona State University, and was grateful and a little surprised when my diploma arrived in 1982. As the June 1 launch date of my first psychological thriller, Eagle Bay, rapidly approaches, I want to mention an English professor who wrote an encouraging message on the border of one of my assignments. It essentially said she believed I had some potential as a writer. We all need people to believe in us, and I never forgot her kind assessment. She certainly would be shocked that her short note stayed with me all these years. Life is like that: We never know how a positive comment we deliver to someone might affect their future. Forty years after her scribed remark, Eagle Bay is set to be released. So thank you, Ms. Chambers. I think you had something to do with my journey as an author.

The image above is the paperback reverse cover of my psychological thriller, Eagle Bay, set for release June 1. It is available for preorder on Amazon (E-book version) and Barnes & Noble (paperback). Of course, it will be available in all formats and multiple sites at launch.

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