Mine is a writer’s life: Bourbon and Formatting

Like most authors, when I’m not writing thrillers or historical fiction, I’m reading a wide range of fiction and nonfiction. I thoroughly enjoyed Pappyland, by Wright Thompson.

I consider the book inspirational because when learning about a business or passion blossoming into something remarkable, I grow impressed by the people who toiled through good and bad times – in the early years, typically difficult times – to pursue some unfulfilled vision. In this case, a family ultimately realizes the fascinating patriarch Pappy Van Winkle’s vision years after his passing, thanks mainly to the enduring commitment of Julian Van Winkle III, grandson of the patriarch. It is a story about Southern living, family bonds, reconciling regional history, and everything in between. Oh, it’s also the story about something else important: damn good (but not cheap) bourbon.

Unlike many authors, I could literally edit any manuscript I’ve created an infinite number of times – it’s just the way it is. But the person formatting the interior look and feel of my Eagle Bay manuscript said she needs the final-final version of the dark psychological thriller. She will receive it this weekend! If you like to read thrillers, mysteries, or suspense novels, please consider Eagle Bay, available through Amazon and bookstores in February. And if you can guess the ending, I’ll buy you a beer.

Cheers from the Sonoran Desert,
Author Ken Cruickshank

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